Heathfield Park Cross Country Race – 18 Feb

Heathfield Road Runners is staging a Cross Country Race in the grounds of Heathfield Park on Sunday 18 February, with thanks to Dominic Wainford and his family.

The event forms part of the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League.

Race times are as follows: Juniors 10am; Seniors 10.30am.

For more information and entry details please click here.

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February Time Trial Results

Well done everyone for their February TT times, particularly to Bobby on his first outing.

Next one will be Thurs 1 March.

Ian B – 20.12
Bobby – 20.34
Rowan – 21.40
Will – 24.28
Graham – 25.26
Roy – 25.30
Fleur – 26.34
Ian – 26.51
Gwyn – 30.09
Gill – 35.21

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Heathfield Road Runners – Couch to 5K

In 2017 we organised our first Couch to 5K programme that was a great success and we are now planning to run this course twice a year to encourage people to get started and to build their confidence to the point where they can join the club if they wish.

The course is run and supported by UK Athletics Run Leaders and aims to guide people through the NHS 10 week programme to help new runners get up and moving and running 5K by the end of the course.  In our first course we had 16 new runners  – 14 of whom managed to get to 5k by the end of the course.  Those who did not manage 5k had a range of health and life problems that made progress more challenging but we hope they may join us again in the future.

The course is very gentle to start with and really just gets people moving and used to jogging for a minute or two.  Almost all people expressed disbelief that they could move from this slow start to running 5K – but we think it is the slow start that really helps.  It builds confidence (more than 50% of the difficulty for most people) and helps to “injury proof” new runners by giving their muscles the time to get used to a new activity.  Many of the graduates of the course have gone on to join the HRR Club and some have run 10K and even a half marathon!!  Others have struggled with illness and/or injury and kept running at a lower level – although they tell us they are still glad they did it!  So much so that some are going to repeat the course the next time it is run!

These are some of the comments we have had:

“I enjoyed meeting new people and the support network – and doing something I never thought I would be able to do!”

“go for it – don’t be scared – if you can afford it invest in some new trainers”

“I’ve inspired my 11 year old daughter who is very proud of me!”

“I had been suffering from Post Natal Depression – running has really helped me keep a clear head and focus on something good”

“running on your own can be daunting at first – so running with others really helps keep the momentum going”

“running has really made me feel better about myself mentally and physically”.

“I enjoyed doing something for me, escapism, making friends, improving my fitness, the challenge – I feel the course was perfect for everyone”

“I can run 10K now!”

“I absolutely loved having a goal each week and for us as a group achieving it together”

“Running for 20 mins without stopping – we just could not believe we did it”

“I did not expect all the help and support from all the HRRs that came along every week – There was always someone making sure we were okay and offering advice and encouragement”

“Running has been life changing for me – something that is just for me.  I sleep really well and legs are toning up nicely!”


I think these comments say it all!  If you want to find out more email:


Or join the Heathfield Road Runners Couch to 5k Facebook page for up to date information.


Next Couch to 5k Course

Calling all new runners – the New Year is here and we hope you are ready to get those trainers on! A new couch to 5K course will be starting the week beginning Monday 15th January 2018. At the moment it looks like we can support 2 groups as follows:


  1. Monday (1st session 15th Jan) – meeting at the coop at 6.30pm
  2. Thursday (1st session 18th Jan) – meeting at the car park opposite Waitrose at 6pm


You are welcome to attend either session (or both) – as they will both be working through the same programme – and you will need to be prepared to repeat the sessions a total of 3 times each week (including the one you come along to) – if you want to get the most out of it. We welcome young and old, fit and unfit, men and women – come along and give us a try. Post any questions below and spread the word!


If you want to find out more email:


Or join the Heathfield Road Runners Couch to 5k Facebook page for up to date information.



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January Time Trial Results

Well done everyone who took part in Time Trial. Special mention for Matthew who knocked off 5 mins from his time from October!

Next Time Trail will be on Thursday 01 February, 6.45pm at Heathfield Coop.

David – 20.29
Rowan – 20.40
Richard – 21.58
Matthew – 22.23
Will – 24.41
Chris – 25.10
Ian – 27.40
Fleur – 27.52
Danny – 28.15
Gwyn – 35.49
Gill – 36.02


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December Time Trial

Festive Time Trial results for 7 December and the final TT of 2017.

David – 20:25
Richard – 22:55
Chris – 26:01
Eddie – 26:12
Ian – Awaiting time

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November Time Trial

A great turnout for the November Time Trial. Well done all!

Rowan – 21.24
Richard – 25.40
Will – 26.37
Ian – 27.24
Fleur – 28.00
Niki – 29.14
Vicki – 30.55
Alison 31.51

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HRR successes at the Beachy Head Marathon!

11 Heathfield Road Runners took on the challenge of the annual Beachy Head Marathon, a 26.2 (ish) mile course starting at St Bede’s School in Eastbourne, on to the South Downs and through the villages of Jevington, Alfriston, Littlington, West Dean and finally taking in the Seven Sisters before finishing back in Eastbourne.

It’s a fantastic and really well organised event across iconic scenery in East Sussex. Well done to everyone who took part!

Ian Bromley – 3.46.06
Rowan Baker – 4.05.02
Graham Chapman – 4.19.52
Tony Lavender – 4:22:49
William Blanford – 4:39:02
Roy Cooper – 4:50:18
Fleur Blanford – 5:13:33
Chris Golding – 5:19:50
Alex Huddard – 5:52:58
Eddie Diplock – 5:58:39
Tony Fitzgerald – 6:29:53

Entries are open for 2018 already, click here to register.

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October Time Trial results

Great turn out for the first Winter Time Trial. Good to see some new
faces too:

Ian B – 19.31
Jamie T – 19.50 (first time!)
Rowan – 22.10
Bryony – 25.08
Graham – 25.37
Chris – 25.46
Eddie – 26.07
Ian – 26.13
Fleur – 26.55
Matt – 27.11 (first time!)

Next TT will be Thursday 2nd November

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Winter training routes & times

It’s been a long time coming but the evenings are rapidly drawing in and we have decided to move our regular training meet up locations back to Heathfield town centre where we can use the street lights.

From TONIGHT, Monday 18th September:

– Monday nights will meet 6.30pm at Coop, Heathfield

– Thursday nights will meet 6.45pm at Coop, Heathfield (Including monthly Time Trial)

SAFETY !!! Please everyone make sure you wear hi visibility clothing and ideally a headtorch so you are visible. Also where possible try to keep to the footpaths and not on the roads.

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September Time Trial

Just the Fantastic Four at the September Time Trial last night! Great times from Eddie (1 minute faster than Aug) and Ian W (30 secs faster than Aug)

Next TT for your diaries will be at the ‘Winter’ route from Co Op on 5 Oct.

Rowan – 31.44
Richard – 34.10
Eddie – 39.00
Ian W – 44.20

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